Seen and noted: Nike – Write The Future print ad

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Nike Football’s ‘Write the future’ TV spot is creating a huge buzz in the online world. According to the PR blurb:

Directed by renowned Hollywood director and producer Alejandro G. Iñarritu (21 Grams, Babel), this epic football journey unfolds through a match of goal line clearances, game-winning tackles and lightning footwork that literally send a ripple effect across the world.

The ad, created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, was 6 months in the making (desi trivia: sound design, music editing and mixing for TV and cinema worldwide was handled by Raja Sehgal at Grand Central Studios, UK) is truly jaw dropping – perhaps the best commercial for a sporting event, ever. Interestingly, Nike released the ad first only on their Facebook page with viewers being able to view the ad after they clicked the ‘Like’ button. A bit strange, forcing one to ‘like’ something. Anyway, the ad is available on YouTube and several ad blogs.

Interesting to see how they handled the press ad of the same idea. On June 1, they released a teaser ad in The Sun’s football section.

According to The Newspaper Marketing Agency, UK: with less than a fortnight to go before the World Cup opening ceremony, and no more warm-up matches for England, Nike sums the expectation and anticipation perfectly.

This was followed by an ad the next day which simply showcased the stars and the sentiment of football fans.

Via: NMA, UK

The TVC pumped up the adrenaline and gave goose flesh to football fans using the tools of the audio visual medium: great music, high energy visuals, clever editing…the works. Amazing how a static medium creative manages to create a similar impact.

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