Smirnoff Nocturnal Awakening: selling the high of partying

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The breed that parties often is a special one. They are nocturnal animals, loving late nights, party & pub hopping, dressing up for the evening and generally having a great time. It calls for unusual energy and a mindset that enjoys such a lifestyle. Some of us, ahem, are more home birds. And such home birds are usually looked down upon by the perpetual night owls as ‘boring’.

Smirnoff’s new global ad, ‘Nocturnal Awakening’ should provide a high for such party animals. It’s visually powerful, portrays a lifestyle and attitude well. Don’t miss the jab at the boring folks: ‘let others dream, asleep, in their bed; we’ll stay awake and sleep when we’re dead.’

Agency: JWT, New York

It’s not all attitude and lifestyle – there are enough hints about the product and the choices it offers. According to the PR blurb: A nocturnal awakening is on the horizon and Smirnoff Premium Vodka invites you to join the creators, the curious, and the yearners as they take on the night. Let go of the fear and try something new. Explore our titillating variety of drinks. Start with a Mellow Ginger or Martini and work your way to a Moscow Mule. Regardless of your vodka drink of choice, set off on a new experience or a new vodka flavor. It’s all up to you. It’s yours for the making.

Like with many successful integrated marketing campaigns of the day, the TV spot drives involvement elsewhere. In this case, the hashtag #yoursforthemaking is meant to be seeded on Twitter. A good hashtag allows ordinary users to contribute creatively and is hardwired to the brand property.

The trouble with brands like Smirnoff is that any new work will be compared with their iconic work from the past.  The latest one may not be as good, but it should strike a chord.

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