The Curious Digital Marketer: for curious advertising minds

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It is said that to succeed in advertising, being curious is an important trait. Some of the best advertising minds I have come across are innately curious about things around them. And it need not necessarily be only about advertising – being curious about politics, technology, literature, movies, arts, current affairs and such like helps shape the advertising mind. Inspiration from all these sources can be of immense use in the advertising business.

A book from the Campus initiative of afaqs, ‘The Curious Digital Marketer’ is meant for such curious minds. What I liked about the book is the simple format of FAQs. Instead of being pedantic and spout highfalutin concepts, it provides answers to frequently asked questions about the practice. The answers are provided by industry experts who are hands-on practitioners of the business. I for one, found it immensely useful as it lucidly explained the concepts and terminology used by the advertising industry. Get your copy from Flipkart or Amazon Kindle.

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