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Nivea Deo: stressing on a campaign idea across platforms


The above videos are part of a campaign for Nivea Deo. The selling point is Stress Protect (‘Extra protection even in stressful situations’). The idea is being brought alive across different platforms, using each platform’s unique characteristics to its advantage. I thought the stunt at the airport was a tad extreme and could have resulted in consumers suing the brand. But it...

The negativity around Apple – the trouble with high expectations, wish to see the mighty fall


Apple Inc., delivered record results for the Oct-Dec’12 quarter and the stock market responded by pulling the stock down dramatically. Amazon delivered sub-par results for the same period and the stock went up 10%. What gives? Stock markets analysts have their own technical theories but I believe it boils down to a simple thing: high expectations from a brand. Not all brands and brand...

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