Of customer service, the Apple Community and Windows 8

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I tried installing Office 2013 on a Dell PC running Windows 8. The installation was not smooth, an an error screen popped up. I initiated the install process several times and still could not complete the installation. I deleted the Preview version of Office 365 to see if that caused some errors. I already had the 2007 version of Office installed in the PC. Since there were too many versions and installer files I thought I would do a clean install of Windows 8 itself and then install the necessary Office files. I opted to reset Windows 8 and that’s when the real problems started. The machine took forever to reset and I decided, by mistake to switch the PC off. Sure enough, when I restarted the machine, I got the ‘OS not found’ error message. I tried booting from a DVD of the preview version – no luck. I tried booting from a Windows XP disc – again, no luck.

I then took the PC to a Dell outlet, half expecting them to direct me to a Service Centre. Sure enough, they simply threw their hands up and asked me to visit a service centre. There I was carrying a Dell machine to a Dell outlet and yet they couldn’t help me. Not even open the PC to check if they can solve it.

What a contrast to the way Apple handles its retail business. If you own any Apple product you can take it to any authorised re-seller or an Apple Store (irrespective of where you bought it from) and have the issue addressed. You are unlikely to get the ‘not invented here’ attitude at the store. Such an experience furthers the ‘community’ feeling among Apple owners – knowing for sure that their business is welcome at any Apple store.
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  1. Well you get what you pay for. Apple charges a premium upfront for the whole experience.

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