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Loved every bit of Tesco’s #LoveEveryMouthful by Wieden+Kennedy


Tesco has  launched a new campaign, Love Every Mouthful,  highlighting its fresh food credentials. As the corporate blog explains: It’s our way of celebrating food in all its glory. We all lead busy lives and it’s easy to lose touch with what food is really about. It’s not just a fuel. It’s a daily pleasure, something to savour and to share.’ Agency: W+K,London Admittedly, ‘passionate...

The future of airlines website & a reverse pitch process


Fantasy Interactive, an award-winning digital design agency is not a startup struggling for business. It boasts of clients like Sony, Microsoft, USA Today and Google. Yet in a move that could normally be associated with hungry-for-business startups, they have created a proactive video presenting their vision of how an ideal airline website should like in today’s world. Agency: Fi Close your...

Indian Motorcycle mocks Harley Davidson: competitive ad done well


Competitive ads can be fun. Usually, the leading brand in a category (at least the perceived leader) becomes the target from a smaller competing brand. The creative execution can take many forms: sometimes the leading brand or the target brand is compared on features. Many years ago, Trikaya Grey created an ad for HCL Photocopiers which directly named Modi Xerox in their ads. The comparison was...

The world’s first live tweeting animal: Social Media guru #tweetingbadger


What possible use could Twitter have for a zoo? How can a zoo use a social media platform like Twitter to drive engagement? It could talk about the exotic animals housed in the zoo (if there are such animals), it could talk about the zoo’s many features and stuff like that. But are these guaranteed to drive engagement and ultimately an interest to visit the zoo? Unlikely. That’s...

Orange ‘Go Europe’ and marketing’s new arsenal: activation


In India, when we say ‘activation’ what comes to mind is a brand-related activity in a shopping mall. Nothing wrong with that. It usually helps in product sampling, creating awareness about a new launch, its product’s features etc. Executed well, it can evoke enthusiastic participation. Such activities may fall short on a few things: target audience relevance and action...

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