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I have been a big fan of the creative work from Latin American ad agencies. Most of the award winning work from that region are rooted in an idea and the execution is top notch. That is true of all good creative work, you say?  But I feel work from Latin America is a cut above. It has its share of critics who question the English ads from that region; I am guessing that local work is adapted in English for publication in ad aggregators like Ads of the World, which is where most of us see global work. Among the Latin American agencies, I especially like the work from AlmapBBDO, who creative chief is the legendary Marcello Serpa.

Herewith some of their print work which caught my eye:

Bauducco Toast:



Aspirina & CafiAspirina

cafiaspirina_dad cafiaspirina_lawyer


PanAmericana School of Art: its in your hands

EPA-Panamericana-School-of-Art-and-Design-Pen EPA-Panamericana-School-of-Art-and-Design-Pencil


Getty Images


e-Gollog: Express Online Delivery

Gollog-doll Gollog-Pixel-Guitar


havaianas-sandals-crank havaianas-sandals-perfume-spray havaianas-sandals-shoe havaianas-sandals-taxi


Pan Americana School of Art & Design: How far does your creativity go?

panamericana_dog panamericana_dot panamericana_nail

Pedigree: Adopt – a dog makes your life happier

Pedigree-Dog1 Pedigree-Dog3

Volkswagen: a bad part can affect the entire system

Volkswagen_Original_Parts_Bad_Part_1_ibelieveinadv Volkswagen_Original_Parts_Bad_Part_2_ibelieveinadv

Volkswagen: hands-free parking

volkswagen_tiguan_balloon_ibelieveinadv volkswagen_tiguan_cards_ibelieveinadv volkswagen_tiguan_nails_ibelieveinadv

 Volkswagen: Front Assist – you react better with more time to think


 Volkswagen Original Parts: don’t rely on something just because it fits

vw-chicken vw-fish

The Volkswagen original parts series reminds of how a single business problem can be solved through many creative messages. Just loved both ‘one bad part can spoil the entire system’ and the other perspective of ‘don’t rely on something just because it fits’. And both the ideas were executed with panache. Finesse in execution is another hallmark of AlmapBBDO ads – just look at the Havaianas work. And as I mentioned every campaign featured above is all idea first, execution later.

Which ones were your favourites?

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