Dos Equis: how advertising creates brand preference

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I have been a great fan of the Dos Equis advertising ever since I set sight on it. I believe it truly represents how a sound strategy, a well-crafted  advertising idea and great execution can not just build, but turn around the fortunes of a brand. Among the various elements which contributed to its success, I would rate the creative team’s efforts highest as they were the ones who brought alive the brand idea and made it endearing.


Not surprisingly, in 2009, the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ campaign won Gold at the Effies. The campaign idea has been taken forward extremely well on TV and the new fangled digital platforms. Their  TV spots have historically been of two kinds: a montage of the Dos Equis man’s exploits around the world (‘He once had an awkward moment. Just to see how it feels’) and his witty takes on life.  The latest ad for the brand falls in the latter category: The Most Interesting Man on Masquerade Parties.

Agency: Havas Worldwide

The ad is a link to a Masquerade Party promo for the brand. Aside from the TV spots, the good writing continues even on the brand’s social network feeds. The posts refer both to the Dos Equis man and the product.

Black cats bring him luck.

Every time it’s referred to as a golden lager, the price of gold jumps.

His picture is worth a thousand other pictures.

He once resolved a sibling rivalry before it started.

He once surfed a heat wave.

In fact, this is perhaps the first time that the quality of posts (and the ‘direction’) have inspired equally good responses from fans on Facebook. The tone & manner of the brand is consistent on web properties too.

Screenshot 2013-10-04 07.13.39

The advertising idea, the creative expression and the consistency in execution have created a huge preference for the brand in a relatively short period of time. Proof that advertising does build brands.

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