Steinlager: shaming the binge drinker with ‘Be the artist, not the canvas’

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Here’s a social responsibility campaign with a difference. New Zealand’s Steinlager beer realised that binge drinking is a problem that needs to be addressed. Instead of getting all preachy, they have taken a fun but seemingly effective route.

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Agency: DDB

The TV spot aims to make a hero of the the person who retained a sense of balance at the end of the night and demonstrate that the sensible drinker can also be the most fun at a party.

Agency: DDB

Scott Wallace, group account director at DDB says: “We needed to demonstrate that you can still have a good night out without getting messy, and without sounding like a lecture from your dad“. There is always a tinge of shame & embarrassment after a messy night out and usually the one who retained a sense of balance feels one up on the others in a group. So the approach works whether you were the artist or the canvas the night before.

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