Warburtons Half and Half: fully charming TV spot

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A majority of FMCG advertising (at least in India) can be classified as ‘safe’: follow the category code, throw in a rational benefit with a cutaway product window and so on. There are time tested advertising execution ideas too in the category: problem-solution, a jingle led montage of visuals, a ‘test’ or a demo are some of them. The product window cutaway (there is nothing wrong in highlighting your product features) of milk & cream flowing or ingredients like wheat falling in a heap are standard essentials. But they do scream ‘ad!’ and can sometimes come in the way of entertaining storytelling. More importantly, they may take the focus away from the end benefit. Admittedly, in many FMCG categories (cookies, confectionary, soaps, health drinks) the product feature or ingredient and the benefit may not be dramatic or hugely differentiating. Hence marketers focus on intangibles like taste; and when they think they have a great product story they focus on the ingredients. In  my view, in low involvement categories telling a charming, memorable story trumps a boring, inward-looking ingredient story.

A charming new ad for the British bakery brand, Warburtons does just that – it tells the charming story of a boy and his bully of a big brother without losing out on end benefit of ‘big & strong’.

Agency: WCRS

Apparently, the social media campaign will feature the triathlete brothers, Jonathan Brownlee and Alastair Brownlee. Nice extension of the TV idea in the social media space. The TV spot reminded me of some of the best Oreo spots which bring a smile to your face through a charming story , yet drive home the sales pitch in a subtle but sure way.

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