Splendid, HDFC and more: creative ideas of the week

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Between bookmarked sites and subscribed feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 28th August 2015.

Splendid Dark Chocolate

What a twisted way of selling dark chocolate! It is believed that dark chocolate is an adult taste and even among adults, an acquired taste. Israeli brand, Splendid wickedly asked a bunch of kids to try out the chocolate, all neatly tied up with the line: Splendid chocolate – when you grow up you’ll get it.

Agency: BBR Saatchi & Saatchi

HDFC Mutual Fund

After a long time I really liked a set of campaign films from India. We’ve all been taught a few basics (which we often forget) in advertising: convey a single message rooted in a product feature, convey it in a relevant, interesting way as a benefit and so on. These set of films for HDFC Mutual Fund, meant to educate consumers about the basics of mutual funds in general, do it splendidly. Each film is rooted in a feature: from the benefits of starting early to regular investments. Loved them.

Agency: Publicis. See the full set of films here.

Raksha Bandhan

Another festival and another occasion for brands to force fit a topical communication. Most of the films were middling and full of cliches. The Videocon one was at least different – though one could quibble that it would have worked with any other company brand too. The best ‘advert’ was the Government’s message urging people to gift social security schemes to “sisters” be it a ‘woman working as a maid in our house or in our fields’.

On the social media front, came across this post from Volvo which I thought was apt for the occasion and gasp, had a brand connect. Volvo has associated the brand with safety for years and the link to ‘raksha’ was apt. The visual added value too.

Volvo safety raksha bandhan

Anything you liked? Thoughts on any of the stuff here? Do comment in.

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