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Vigorsol Xtreme: Kill Bill meets chewing gum ad


Hilarious spot for Vigorsol Air Action Xtreme chewing gum. Exaggeration is at the heart of confectionery advertising as they have to dramatize even seemingly trivial features. Since it is a low involvement category, advertising seeks to entertain the audience, hoping that the ‘likeability’ of the ads get transferred to the brand subliminally. In this spot, the cooling sensation of the...

Don’t touch your phone for 10 minutes and donate clean water


I strongly believe that advertising for a good cause, especially those which call for action must have these attributes: (a) a cause many can identify with (b) an action that is easy to perform (c) specifically outlined donation – either a pre-determined amount of money to donate, a minimum amount to give away or some other clear action and more importantly (d) an act that comes naturally...

MTS 3G ad: born for the internet


Digital immigrants like yours truly cannot stop marvelling at the ease with which today’s kids adapt to technology. We’ve all seen our own kids take to iPads and smartphones like fish to water. The phrase ‘they seem to be born with it’ is given a literal expression in this new ad for MTS 3G Plus network, highlighting its data superiority. Agency: Creativeland According to...

Of brand positioning statements in the digital media age


At the recently concluded Social Media Week event in Bangalore, one of the panelists at a discussion said that the classic ‘Brand Positioning Statement’ is dead. This was in the context of today’s digital media being conducive for two-way communication with consumers who have their own perceptions about a brand. It is another matter that the same discussion went on to talk about...

Facebook marketing: can consumers have a conversation with a biscuit?


‘People don’t want to have conversations with a beer brand‘, said the incomparable @rameshsrivats at a Social Media Week in Bangalore last week. This was in the context of building brands in digital media in response to how brands have very poor ‘engagement rates’ and ‘conversations’ on Facebook. He also made the point about today being the age of brands...

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