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Quality comes at a price: Volkswagen says it in style


Two new spots from Volkswagen, UK convey the idea that quality comes at a price. The creative idea is to convey the downsides of choosing ‘bargain price’ and by implication, poor quality. It has been done by several brands especially those fighting the ‘this is cheap and good enough, why go for a pricier brand?’ mentality. The difference is that in these ads, the impending...

@Nestle #MunchKaPunch: smart thinking amplified by social media


Repartees are always good fun. This anecdote attributed to Winston Churchill is one of the famous ones: Nancy Astor was an American socialite who married into an English branch of the wealthy Astor family (she holds the distinction of being the first woman to be seated in Parliament). At a 1912 dinner party in Blenheim Palace—the Churchill family estate—Lady Astor became annoyed at an inebriated...

‘Model commuters’ ads by @GeorgePattsYR: model art direction


Loved the design and art direction in these ads for Public Transport, Victoria. They pass the first test of advertising: noticeability – you just cannot ignore these ads. And they transport you to the actual setting of a train even in a static medium like print. Brilliant. Agency: GPY&R The ads drive home the point in a subtle yet memorable manner. For a minute I was left wondering if...

Market share is not the only measure of brand success


Time and again, market share is mentioned by companies, analysts and media as a measure of how successful a brand is. Sure it is a measure, but just one of the measures of success. While market share is a motive for all companies, not all of them need to live and die by it. Companies can have different measures for success – from overall profitability to margins to average customer yield...

Advertising created specially for each South market: how practical?


A recent IAA event in Chennai debated and declared that ‘there will be no consumer connect, unless advertising is created for each South market’. There were some solid arguments for and against the notion. There is truth in this argument for the motion: Any brand coming into the South has to exhibit an understanding of the people, their language, their traditions, their local context – if it...

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