Winter: season to #hibernot says @LandRover_UK

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Loved the idea behind this campaign and the execution. In the UK, winter is usually spent indoors, ‘to hibernate’ as it were. LandRover got the Roebucks family to ‘trade their sofa’ for a week’s adventure in Discovery Sport. Their journey through UK is captured in a series of films and shared across digital media. The website showcases great places to explore, while a set of digital films chronicle the family’s adventures.

Since the journeys are made for the visual medium, an Instagram feed is part of the campaign.

LandRover UK Hibernote

Hibernot UK LandRover

I liked it because the brand is central to the idea and #hibernot urges people to step out and explore the outdoors. Also, it is a great way to create content which is highly share-worthy, since everyone loves to see and share travel pictures.

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