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It’s time for a break: srtikes a chord #VisitKerala


Came across this tweet from @VisitKerala: Do you know someone like Miku ? If yes tag their parents #VisitKerala — Kerala Tourism (@KeralaTourism) July 26, 2015 The ad is likely to strike a chord among many parents as it reflects reality. TV is no longer used as a nanny in many families – in fact, it is seen as a form of punishment. The mobile phone has become the default distraction tool...

Creative ideas of the week: my picks


Between bookmarked sites and subscribed feeds which showcase advertising, I come across many new creative ideas every week. As with advertising in real life, only a handful are memorable. Here are my picks for the week ending 24th July 2015. 1. Centre for Psychological Research, Shenyang I don’t know when & where this was released but I remember seeing it recently as a Cannes winner. The...

Mobile apps: not a must-have for all consumer brands


Ad industry veterans said recently in an interview that brands should ‘think apps and not ads‘. I respect the two gentlemen a lot and the agency’s work but I would add a note of caution to that statement. Apps are not relevant for all consumer brands. Sure, it is the most obvious consumer utility or engagement tool for certain categories: airlines, financial institutions like...

Creative ideas of the week: my picks


I have decided to take the lazy way out of updating my blog regularly. I try to write at least two posts a week but fail to do so often. Also, my post vary from sharing ‘opinion pieces’ to simply sharing some good piece of creative work I noticed. The latter is obviously the easier and less time-consuming option. So I have promptly decided to do more of that – with a slight...

Of technology and ad agency fragmentation


In a post titled ‘Technology is wrecking the advertising industry’, Mike Harris of 180LA rues the fact that many clients are working with several ‘specialist’ agencies and outlines the pitfalls of such an approach. The trigger for such a scenario seems to have been the rise of technology and new media in consumer habits. He makes an interesting point about the rise of television advertising in...

3 key ingredients in personal branding


I was at WordUp yesterday – an event organised by Indiblogger in Delhi. I met a lot of popular, accomplished bloggers and was inspired by many of them. The key take aways about how they’ve gone about blogging (either as a profession or as a serious pastime) and personal branding were these: passion for what they do, laser-sharp focus on a domain (food, auto, fashion etc.), enjoying...

10 of my new favourite iOS apps


I am an accredited app junkie (aside from being an accredited Apple fan) and I have truck loads of apps on my iOS devices. Sure enough, there are only a handful one uses on a regular basis but hey, one can get into the mood to explore all the apps once in a while, right? I also eagerly await app updates and never leave updates pending even if it a 1GB update of the iMovie app which I hardly use...

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