Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’: more product centric than ‘Open Happiness’

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So the long running ‘Open Happiness’ theme for Coca-Cola is being replaced with a new tagline: Taste the feeling. According to the CMO, Marcos de Quinto, “We have been just talking about the brand, but talking very little about the product.” The new anthem is a montage of everyday moments with product consumption. That sounds mundane but the announcer theme ad is quite watchable.

Interestingly, according to Adweek: four agencies—Mercado-McCann, Santo, Sra. Rushmore and Oglivy—produced an initial batch of 10 TV commercials, digital, print, out-of-home and shopper materials. Six other agencies, including longtime Coke roster shop Wieden + Kennedy, will also work on the campaign going forward.

My views:

– ‘open happiness’ was a great rallying cry for the brand. It allowed for several creative expressions including some very popular stunts. The central idea was happiness – so any act which brought a smile, albeit with a tenuous link to the brand did the trick
– however, the same thought led to myriad interpretations with the product playing a minuscule role
– Taste the feeling brings the focus squarely on to the product

Coca Cola Taste the feeling

While that is a good thing, I feel the creative expressions are a mixed bag. The product focus in the TV spots seems forced and unnatural (especially in ‘What is a cola for?‘) and the static media visuals are good looking consumption shots – quite common in food & drinks category. The TV spots don’t really leave you feeling high or bring a smile like the Open Happiness ads. Anyway, I increasingly find this heavy dose of strategising and creative brain power to sell sugared water (or any other unhealthy product) quite wasteful. Your views on the new tag line? Comment in.

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