Made Defiant, Google Assistant, Aviation Gin and more: 7 top creative ads of the week

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Music plays such an important role in television advertising. Beyond just catchy jingles, the right choice of soundtrack or clever use of sound can lift a TV spot. I came across a couple of creative ads this week with music as the execution highlight. Herewith the full list:

1. Beats by Dre: Made Defiant mixtape

World Cup football is upon us and brands will seek to capitalise on the event. Beats by Dre has created a mixtape featuring famous footballers mixing music, live action and animation. It tells the story of a young Russian boy who overcomes obstacles just as the famous stars showcased.

Director: Guy Ritchie

2. BT Plus: song

The task: dramatise the seamless nature of using BT Plus – a broadband connection in and out of home. The execution uses a 1980s song, Blue Monday by New Order as the protagonist streams the song across devices and the world around her.Loved it for the sound craft, no pun intended.

Agency: AMV BBDO

3. Pampers: Push It

My 3rd pick of the week also uses a sound track cleverly: Salt-N-Pepa’s hit “Push It” fits in very well in this ad which salutes the efforts of mid-wives, as part of the #ThankYouMidwife campaign for Pampers.

Pampers – Push from Saatchi & Saatchi London on Vimeo.

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, London

4. Ogilvy: re-branding

In 1948 it was Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather. In 1953 it became Ogilvy, Benson & Mather and later in the ’60s to Ogilvy & Mather. While those in the industry have been referring to the entire as Ogilvy over the last few years, the new branding exercise is more than just renaming it as simply, Ogilvy. Several business units were spun over the years (Neo Ogilvy, Ogilvy Social etc.) and now the group is re-structuring to do away with the sub-brands. The re-design of the Ogilvy logo is not a major departure from the old logo and looks classy. Loved the various representations of the identity and the general buzz around the story in media.

Read more about the project here.

5. Google Assistant: Make Google Do It

The TV spots to highlight what Google Assistant can do broke in the US during Oscars earlier this year. Here’s the UK version of it with situations localised to the country. Wonder when the India version will be out.

Agency: R/GA

6. Ford: Damyanti Gupta -firs degreed female engineer

Here is a branded ‘content’ from Ford, published in Time magazine. Even though it was a brand film I thought it was a great example of sponsored content done right.

Click on the image to see the video.

7. Aviation Gin: Twin Returns

Actor Ryan Reynolds decided to buy the company which makes Aviation Gin after he tried the product. In its latest promotional video, Ryan mets his ‘twin brother’ and what ensues is some great banter. Loved it.

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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