Burger King’s ‘OK, Google’ stunt, Havaianas print ads and more: creative ideas of the week

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Every day we are exposed to truck loads of commercial messages. A majority of them are simply ignored. Only a handful get noticed and stick in our minds. Here are a few which I noticed and liked this past week: Burger King’s ‘OK, Google’ stunt, Havaianas print ads and more.

1. Burger King: Whopper

In an ingenious move, Burger King created a 15-second ad aimed to list the ‘fresh ingredients’ in the burger. The ad cleverly triggered the Google Home devices which were in the vicinity at homes and opened up a Wikipedia page listing the ingredients.

Agency: David, Miami

See the ad in action here:

Was the ad done slyly? Yes. The team did not inform Google about the launch and took advantage of the top result viz. the Wikipedia entry. It also is an invasion of privacy as it triggers the user’s connected device without seeking permission. Google wasn’t amused with this hijacking and took measures to disable the trigger of the connected device. Wikipedia being open source, editors began making their own ‘creative’ entries to the description of the Whopper ingredients. Despite the not-so-straight approach of the creative team, I thought the effort deserved kudos for the tactics and their new media approach to marketing.

2. Havaianas: Made of Brazilian Summer

Havaianas has always been known for their colourful print creatives. Their Made of Brazilian Summer is a new campaign which takes the visual language forward. This campaign stands out because it makes packaging the hero and is high on drool quotient.

Agency: AlmapBBDO. See a collection of print ads from the agency here

3. Allegro: costume party

Fast on the heels of en emotional ad featuring a grandfather keen to learn English, comes another touching ad for the Polish e-commerce site, Allegro. The situation is likely to strike a chord with parents of little children and drives home the point that mothers ‘care’ for their children and vice versa.

Agency: Bardzo

4. Ciel: evil thirst

This is more like a generic ad for water but makes for riveting view with great production values (mimicking Mad Max) and humour. The ad is for Ciel, a bottled water brand from The Coca-Cola Company, sold in Mexico.

Agency: Pereira O’Dell

According to the fun YouTube blurb: ‘An Evil Thirst the post-apocalyptic action thriller starring Karla Souza, will be postponed indefinitely. The movie was scheduled to premiere April 7th. The cancellation was due to Souza who was unknowingly dehydrated and unable to deliver her line during the film’s most expensive scene involving jet fighters and pyrotechnics’.

5. Nationwide, UK: poems

A print campaign from Nationwide, a building society in the UK has run a print campaign highlighting its values. The ads are written in the form of poems and make for charming reading. I particularly liked the one about internet connectivity and ‘interconnectivity’. 

Agency: VCCP

Which one was your favourite? Comment in. 

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