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Wimbledon’s #TakeOnHistory, Domino’s Paving for Pizza and more: 8 top creative ads of the week


Brands attempt to force fit tactical communication during several occasions and events during the year, as we saw with Father’s Day this week. Not many caught my fancy though – except one (which you can see below). Among the other creatives which I liked, here are a few creative ads: Wimbledon, Domino’s Pizza and more. 1. Wimbledon: In pursuit of greatness The Wimbledon complete...

Of Uber, moving forward and benefit laddering


Benefit laddering is a technique used in advertising based on the belief that dramatising emotional benefits of a brand has a better chance of creating affinity among customers, rather than conveying functional benefits. Simplistic illustrations of this would be: – extrapolate ‘strong cool mint’ as ‘coolness so strong that it can freeze the world around you’. The...

Made Defiant, Google Assistant, Aviation Gin and more: 7 top creative ads of the week


Music plays such an important role in television advertising. Beyond just catchy jingles, the right choice of soundtrack or clever use of sound can lift a TV spot. I came across a couple of creative ads this week with music as the execution highlight. Herewith the full list: 1. Beats by Dre: Made Defiant mixtape World Cup football is upon us and brands will seek to capitalise on the event. Beats...

Lurpak, Xfinity, dissolving poster and more: 6 top creative ads of the week


We come across hundred of commercial messages in a day and only a handful are noticed. A visual delight for Lurpak in a TV commercial, superbly executed photography and art direction for Hong Kong Ballet and more are part of my creative picks of the week. 1. Lurpak: Smooth Every major category in advertising has an unwritten code. Beauty & fashion, food, automobile and a few others have an...

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