Wimbledon’s #TakeOnHistory, Domino’s Paving for Pizza and more: 8 top creative ads of the week

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Brands attempt to force fit tactical communication during several occasions and events during the year, as we saw with Father’s Day this week. Not many caught my fancy though – except one (which you can see below). Among the other creatives which I liked, here are a few creative ads: Wimbledon, Domino’s Pizza and more.

1. Wimbledon: In pursuit of greatness

The Wimbledon complete 150 years this year. A new theme film commemorates the occasion tracing the development of the game over the years. It highlights the various changes: changing fashions, pony rollers used to keep the courts in prime condition, TV broadcasts, and the switch to yellow balls.

Agency: McCann, London

2. Domino’s: Paving for pizza

It makes business sense if a brand derives positive mileage from unpaid advertising than paid campaigns. That’s exactly what happened to Domino’s Pizza last week in the US with news outlets like USA Today and Yahoo covering their latest marketing stunt. The premise? Apparently potholes are bad for pizza delivery. And hence the brand took it upon itself to fill such potholes. There’s even the Paving for Pizza website where folks can nominate their town. I am guess this stunt will not be attempted in India.

Agency: CP+B

3. Boots: Summer Like You’re 7

The ‘range film’ is part of the marketing arsenal for companies with an umbrella brand strategy. It helps to showcase all the products of say a skin care range in what is believed to be smart use of marketing dollars. A new film for Boots does the job charmingly well.

Agency: Ogilvy, UK

4. Wagamama: Bowl to soul

‘A full belly. That’s not true fulfilment’ proclaims this film for Wagamama noodles. Some great writing (and voice over) follows: ‘your spirit, your soul, the invisible stuff that makes you you gets hungry too’. The execution uses Japanese anime and live action clearly to offer the brand as the solution to ‘when you are hungry all over’.

Agency: MullenLowe London

5. Hitachi Home: #WhoIsSuraj

Earlier this week I wrote about exaggeration and benefit laddering as advertising techniques. This web film for Hitachi air conditioners was released a couple of weeks ago and with 1.9mn views already it is surely a hit. An absolute entertainer and a pointer on what’s possible with branded films on the web when a brave client trust the creative agency.

6. Hospital Moinhos de Vento: organ donation

This print campaign is a couple of months old but I came across it this week. The objective: urge people to donate organs. The idea of seeing it as someone inheriting your wealth and the top notch execution was mind blowing.

Agency: McCann Health, Brazil

7: Stop the Horror: Voluntary Assisted Dying campaign

The brief: encourage politicians to vote ‘yes’ on the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill in Victoria, Australia. The strategy: allow people to witness the true story of the last days of a terminally ill patient. The video makes for disturbing viewing and so viewers are offered the opportunity to ‘stop the horror’ anytime. They are then taken to a microsite where they can cast their vote and make a donation. This campaign was released in 2017 and is a sure contender for awards in the upcoming Cannes Lions.

Agency: Cummins & Partners

8. American Century Investments: be more invested

‘Story telling’ is a term thrown around a lot in advertising nowadays. Here is a good example of a simple story well told. What could have been a direct (and bland) proposition is told in an interesting manner with a twist in the tale. Loved it.

Agency: Figliulo & Partners

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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