Nike US Open, #DibbaLautaao, Boots and more: 7 top creative ads of the week

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This week, I came across two glorious spots from Nike – one welcoming Serena Williams to the US Open and a thematic spot for the brand in Mexico. And then there were few other creative ads including one for a supermarket store in Norway.

1. Nike: Serena Williams

There are many longstanding client-agency relationships across the globe. The one between Nike and W+K is special because of the consistency and focus. They have invested single-mindedly behind the ‘Just Do It’ proposition and have produced many compelling ads for years. The latest one is a clever piece of editing using actual footage from Serena Williams’ childhood training juxtaposed with shots from the US Open. The audio of her dad (and coach) egging her on and the reference to US Open in those snippets brings a smile.

Agency: W+K

2. SMARTHUS: smart home

Mocking the progression of technology is a theme often seen in advertising. The subtle jibes laced with humour work almost always as there is an inherent belief among us all that ‘the good old ways’ cannot be completely replaced by technology. A spot from Norway for a retail brand drives home this point.

Agency: Try, Oslo

3. Nike: Juntas Imparables

In Mexico, the advertising for Nike Women range had not used the famous ‘Just Do It’ tagline until now. In this adrenaline pumping ad dramatises the challenges women overcome in Mexico City. Riveting stuff.

Agency: W+K

4. Zee Corporate: Kerala Flood Relief

Advertising which has a strong cultural connect has a better chance of creating empathy and being effective. In this ad asking for donations to Kerala Flood Relief, the very Indian practice of never returning an empty box is used very well to effect. Great insight, simple idea, neatly executed.

Agency: Mullen Lowe Lintas

5. Škoda: ugly in the 90s

When an established brand (read: your dad’s brand) is trying to appeal to a younger audience, self deprecating humour helps.

Agency: Rosapark

6. Schmitten Moments: Rakshabandhan

Marketers have the habit of creating me-too products or provide very little by way of product differentiation. They then expect the advertising to be outstanding and create all the differentiation from competition, thus leading to brand preference. It put enormous pressure on the planning & creative teams and it is not always easy to create a unique brand property. It also depends heavily on execution rather than any strategic thought.In this context, an ad for Schmitten chocolates appealed to me because of the the creative idea and the execution, especially the very natural acting.

Agency: ADK-Fortune

7. Boots: it’s not just how it makes you look

An ad for a beauty brand which does not show the actual faces of people? That’s a first. The ad may not have a twist in the tale but the approach is quite bold

Agency: Ogilvy

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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