Lyft, Audi, Aviation Gin and more: a round up of the week’s top creative work

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The Christmas ad season is almost over. But perhaps the best Christmas-themed ad this season was out this week. And then there were some interesting design and social media campaigns. Herewith with a few compelling creative ads which caught my eye last week.

Lyft: Nope/Yep

The promise of taxi aggregator services like Uber, Ola and Lyft is one of convenience: it is an ‘anytime, anywhere’ transport without the hassles of driving in urban jungles. This generic promise is brought alive in this humorous spot for Lyft. The premise: when you say ‘no’ to driving your own car and opt for Lyft, you can say yes to many other things as it frees you up from the tensions of driving. 

Agency: W+K

Audi: new Santa

Sometimes, advertising works like magic to create desire for a brand. Admittedly, Audi is already a sought after brand. But this story takes it another level with Santa Claus going to great lengths to upgrade his mode of  transport. 

Agency: M/H VCCP

Aviation Gin: the process

Almost every ad for Aviation Gin featuring its owner, actor Ryan Reynolds has had great copywriting. This one dramatising the process of the brand’s manufacturing is no different. 

Australian Space Agency: brand identity 

Brand identity makeover is big business. There is room for all – from freelancers to global consulting companies as enterprises regularly seek change. Sometimes, end consumers dislike such change, especially that of popular everyday brands. We have seen that happen with Gap, Google, Airtel and several others. We all are all comfortable with the ‘familiar’ and any change to that is usually met with resistance. And in the age of social media, outrage is common. But once the new identity becomes familiar again thanks to repeated exposure, life is back to normal.  Branding agencies always present a rationale and a back story to such changes – even down to what every element- from colour to font, connotes. Sometimes the connect seems like a force fit or even incredulous. Not so in the identity change for the Australian Space Agency.

Read more about the project here

Google Pixel 3: Top Shot

A sequel is usually the result of a hit original. In advertising too, when a series is back, it suggests that the original idea worked. The pressure on sequels however, is that they need to be as good, if not better than the original. Google India is back with its series of ads featuring Rahul Dravid where he ‘discovers’ new features of Pixel 3. Fun banter and enjoyable production. 

Agency: Lowe Lintas 

Windows 95: Christmas sweater

How is a Christmas sweater a creative idea you ask? That piece of clothing gets mocked this time of the year, usually associated with being ‘ugly’. The Windows team made it a sought after item creating a Windows 95 sweater.

Check out the brand love and the smart replies from the Windows social media team. 

Pulse Candy: pran jaaye par Pulse na jaaye

In the food category, conveying desire driven by taste is a great motivator for product trial. It is based on human behaviour as we do display irrational desire for food we like – even when we know it is unhealthy. Impulse categories like candy and soft drinks have used this well to convey ‘you would go to any length to acquire it’. The tone of voice and execution depends on the brand. Thums Up would display machismo while doing it. A brand like Pulse – which is a big hit in the market without advertising, does it well with 10-second stories.

Agency: JWT

Which one was your favourite? Comment in. 

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