6 top creative ads of the week: @turbotax @SingleCare and more

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Every week I attempt to share a compilation of compelling creative ads. Aside from such compilations, I write about topics pertaining to branding & advertising once in a while. Here are some clutter breaking ads which caught my the week ending January 3, 2020.

TurboTax: all people are tax people

‘Tax filings made easy’ is likely to be a proposition adopted by many players in the category. A new campaign for TurboTax makes a similar pitch with a fresh perspective. The proposition is simple: ‘we all figure out how to do all kinds of remarkable things. We believe if people can be good at doing those everyday tasks, they can do their taxes’. The observation is likely to strike a chord as many of us fear the process of filing taxes and see it as a chore.

In another spot, the features of the TurboTax app are cleverly highlighted by linking it to other things technology can achieve today.

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy

SingleCare: Martin Sheen

Some consider the use of celebrities in advertising as a lazy, easy way out to increase awareness. There could be some truth in that but as with most issues in marketing & advertising, the correct answer would be ‘it depends’.
A majority of ads featuring a celebrity take the ‘talking head’ route relying only on the star’s popularity to generate awareness & affinity. Some cast a celebrity as a character in a an engaging plot. Of course the relevance of the celebrity to the category and brand is also an important factor in credibility and engagement.

In a new spot for SingleCare which promises to deliver affordable prices for prescription drugs in the US, Martin Sheen plays himself ranting about high prescription drug prices in a style similar to his role in The West Wing.

Agency: The Boathouse Agency

Policygenius: Better get insurance right

Predicting the future has been a pastime for decades – be it in fiction or comic books.

In this context, comes an amusing outdoor campaign for Policygenius, an insurance platform. “We’ll always get the future wrong. Better get insurance right,” is the simple, yet compelling argument put forth in New York City trains.

Via: Muse by Clio.

BBC One: Dracula billboard

The TV series Dracula has been promoted by BBC One in a creative billboard. The stakes placed on the billboard appear as a shadow resembling the character during night time.

Agency: BBC Creative

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Audible: temptation

Social media distraction has been a theme for many adverts of late – from news brands to telecom. In a new spot for Audible, such distractions make an appearance only to disappear as the protagonist immerses herself in an audio book.

Agency: Fold7

Cadbury Creme Egg: Eatertainment

More than just an ad, I liked the ambition of this idea from Cadbury. They have launched a video-on-demand platform hosting short films intended to ‘heighten’ the Cream Egg experience.

Agency: Elvis

I guess the popularity of short form video content, streaming services and the need for brands to be entertaining is the motivation behind this ‘un-advertising’ like step. Loved it.

Which was your favourite? Comment in.

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