Creative ads for vaccination, Suntory and more: advertising picks of the week

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Every week, I attempt to share a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads and occasionally some commentary on the business of advertising. As many have noted, a majority of the ads out there go un-noticed, so managing to break the clutter is actually a big deal. This week’s compilation includes an inspiring ad for vaccination from France and quirky spots for Suntory juice from Japan and more.

Ministry of Health, France: life comes back with vaccination

I first came across this ad via a tweet from someone at the Ministry of Health in France. The translation could be interpreted as ‘with each vaccination, life comes back’. What I loved about the ad was the confidence shown in the viewer to connect the dots in their heads – of life springing back to action and businesses opening up with very jab of a vaccination injection. The tone of the ad is upbeat and one of quiet confidence without getting too preachy, soppy or chest thumping. Brilliant ad.

Agency: MullenLowe France

Suntory: -196˚C Strong Zero

Aside from Thai advertising, Japanese ads are known to be quirky, sometimes bordering on the bizarre. A search for ‘Japanese ads’ on YouTube will show several interesting playlists. Suntory is a food & beverages brand from Japan brand with a line up which includes whiskey, beer and wine. The range also includes -196˚C Strong Zero which is canned chu-hi, made with barley and carbonated water flavored with lemon.

Our signature “-196˚C Strong Zero method” production process starts by instantaneously freezing fruits in liquid nitrogen at -196˚C Strong Zero, locking in flavor from fruit. After freezing, we pulverize and soak it all in alcohol. This results in a refreshing, carbonated drink that is packed with the fruit flavor.


This process is dramatised in a set of two spots providing an answer to how they may the brand:

Agency: The Monkeys, Sydney

Samsung: small world

Even prior to the lockdown, there was awareness about excessive packaging used by e-commerce brands while delivering goods. The COVID-19 pandemic and work-from-home culture has increased online deliveries and with them, cardboard waste. A new, well-crafted film from Samsung promises to ‘reimagine environmental sustainability into everything we do. From product design to packaging. Energy-saving to recycling‘ in an engaging ad anchored or great animation.

Agency: Edelman. VFX Studio: Glassworks

Aviation Gin: The Vasectomy

Maximum Effort, the agency founded by actor Ryan Reynolds continues to have some fun. Father’s Day is the excuse to advertise Aviation Gin, a company which he founded and later sold to Diageo. This time it is a recipe for ‘the mother of all cocktails’ and a chance to bring in jokes about the perils of fatherhood such as kids. Guaranteed to bring a smile.

Agency: Maximum Effort

iPad: Your next computer is not a computer

You’ve got to admire the long-term thinking and consistency of Apple in its vision for their product lines. Over the years they have made efforts to get iPad to be a replacement for laptops. Of course such efforts have to start from the product and not just in marketing claims. Many laptop users believe see the iPad as a consumption device and not one for ‘creating’ documents or work-related projects. Evolutionary changes to the product features have led to this confident claim now: iPad has everything you need to work, learn, create and play with complete freedom. Big immersive retina displays, available cellular connectivity, and incredible battery life, all in thin and light designs. A new ad dramatises the envy of those ‘tied down’ by wires, desktops and gadgets looking at those working on their iPads. Another step towards creating the ‘desire quotient’.

Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab

Centraal Beheer Insurance: freedom

The insurance category has seen some humorous spots which have gone viral. A new spot for Dutch brand Centraal Beheer has long invested in the brand idea of ‘Even Apeldoorn bellen‘ (Just call us) – the subliminal cue being whatever the crisis, we are there to help you. A new film tells the story of an over confident petty thief whose indiscretion lands him into trouble again

Agency: DDB Unlimited

Mercedes-Benz Vans: made to perform

I guess when you have iconic brand to advertise with a well-recognised logo such creative ideas work well. Vans are not considered ‘exciting’ category in automobiles even if the brand is Mercedes-Benz. A bunch of van drivers set out to perform a van ballet highlighting the vehicle’s features in the bargain, building up to a synchronised reveal of the brand’s logo.

Agency: Preuss und Preuss

Allianz Direct: future heroes

Using a celebrity as a character (and not as themselves) is considered a better use of celebrities in advertising. Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule. Here’s one: Usain Bolt plays himself but in many avatars performing against future sports stars. Smart way of conveying the sponsorship efforts of Allianz Direct, the German financial services firm.

Agency: Alfred International

Krungsri First Choice: genius dog

‘Cash backs’ have become a common promise in the fintech category ever since the rise of digital payments. But how do you convey the benefit of an instant cash back in an interesting manner? Another quirky ad from Thailand shows how.

Agency: Leo Burnett

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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