The pros and cons of ‘moment marketing’ for brands


Another new term has entered the new age marketing & advertising vocabulary: moment marketing. It is essentially topical advertising but since turnaround times are not measured in days but in minutes it is called so, I guess. It is also a country cousin of occasion-led advertising where brands attempt to gain leverage from big news events or calendar events such as Mother’s Day, April...

Brand purpose, copywriting, Kumbh Mela and more: notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 2


I recently attended Zee Melt, a marketing & advertising conference. I shared my notes and observations through a blog post earlier this week, covering presentations from Mr. R S Sodhi of Amul and Dave Trott.  In this post, I share my notes on presentations from a few others. Rory Sutherland: what are we missing? I have been a fan of Rory Sutherland for a while now, following his TED...

Notes and observations from #ZeeMelt: Part 1


I am in a dilemma sometimes about where to post by blogs – on this platform (where the reach is limited) or on LinkedIn where the reach is potentially larger. I shared this article earlier this week on LinkedIn. Zee Melt – a two-day conference on marketing & advertising was held in Mumbai last week. I am not a regular conference goer but from what I see and hear on social...

In-house #advertising creative teams: getting the best of both worlds


Recently, an article highlighted how several new-age brands in India have put together internal creative units citing quick turnaround time, more control over content & easy access to all company verticals as key benefits.  Over the years, advertisers have sought more attention – in terms of time & resources from their ad agency partners especially if the spends through...

Twitter for CEOs: a personal branding opportunity (but slippery when wet)


Over the last few years many CEOs of business enterprises have used social media (especially Twitter) as a platform for what has come to be known as ‘personal branding’. Sure, a few of them were ‘brands’ (in a positive way) long before social media came into the picture. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have offered them a stage to share their ideas, company updates, work and values. Their...

No, not all products & services are remarkable


A common advice to brands is to make remarkable products and services. Marketing & advertising is then tasked with ‘story telling’ that resonates. If only it worked like that in real life. Most products & services fulfil basic necessities of consumers and have very little scope to have truly differentiated product features.In his book ‘This is marketing’ Seth Godin outlines these steps: A...

Ad agency mergers: will it solve the real problem?


A 150+ year old ad agency brand disappeared recently. WPP took the decision to merge J Walter Thompson and Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson. The need for the merger and the logic behind the branding (Wunderman first) is widely believed to be a reflection of industry compulsions. Specifically, digital. What everyone means by that is the ad industry cannot simply rely on providing creative...

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