Of brand love, brand affinity and brand preference


Is there such a thing as brand love? Some marketers and industry observers seem to think so while others dismiss it as bunkum. Herewith some unsolicited views on the subject: Be noticed The first test of any brand and its communication is that it must be noticed. Every category has multiple players and unless the potential consumer is aware of your brand, existence is rather pointless. Similarly...

Of Nike, higher order benefit and brand purpose


I didn’t know who Colin Kaepernick was until a few days ago. Blame it on my lack of interest beyond cricket. I saw the print version on social media with the line ‘Believe in something even if it means sacrificing everything’. I did not immediately connect with with Nike’s long running ‘Just Do It’ theme. Since I did not know the context, I simply saw it as a nicely...

Social media use or the lack of it, from ad agencies


Ever wondered why save for handful of ad agency accounts, a majority of agency brands hardly use social media effectively? I am sure they know that it can be be used to strengthen the equity of the company brand but they hardly get down to ‘doing’ it.  It is not a recent phenomenon. Traditionally ad agencies (especially the network agencies from India) have hardly maintained an active blog...

Of higher order benefit and purpose driven ads


In advertising, conveying the benefit of a product is considered more effective than simply listing features. It helps consumers relate to how it can play a role in their lives and not leave things to imagination. The benefits of a feature may not be immediately apparent to consumers too, especially if it is a new category.  The distinction between feature and benefit may not be immediately...

Of Uber, moving forward and benefit laddering


Benefit laddering is a technique used in advertising based on the belief that dramatising emotional benefits of a brand has a better chance of creating affinity among customers, rather than conveying functional benefits. Simplistic illustrations of this would be: – extrapolate ‘strong cool mint’ as ‘coolness so strong that it can freeze the world around you’. The...

5 pieces of career advice I wish I had paid heed to many years ago


Many claim to have chosen careers which they dreamed of since their childhood days. It is common to hear actors, pilots, sports stars or few other professionals say that they ‘always’ dreamed of taking up their profession ever since they remember. Such blokes are fortunate. In my case, and I guess it holds true for many, I stumbled upon my chosen career quite by accident. I was keen...

Thoughts on decline of English print advertising in India


‘Those were the golden years’. Every generation says this when they get nostalgic about music, movies, advertising, TV shows…everything. For those who grew up on 70s rock or were in college during the 80s, the current crop of music would just be unfathomable noise. And I am sure the 70s music got a similar response from the previous generation. But there is one area where...

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