10 random observations on writing & delivering presentations


When I was in advertising, writing, editing, delivering or sitting through presentations was a common affair. A presentation is not limited to one which is delivered in front of a large audience. It can be a one-on-one discussion with a client or even an internal discussion to sell one’s ideas or point-of-view. Herewith some observations (none of these are original or startlingly new but...

Do all brands have a compelling story to tell?


For many in today’s marketing world, it is fashionable to believe that advertising is anything-but-advertising. Some of the recurring points in this theme are: advertising as we know it is dead, advertising today is all about ‘conversations’ with consumers and that consumer is in control (I am not clear of what exactly). Another popular theme is that advertising is all about...

Condom ad ban: protection of a different kind


In India, the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting recently banned airing of condom ads during daytime. The move came under criticism – ansee some reactions here, here and here. ‘It is moral policing’, ‘our kids need sex education’, ‘our kids have access to more risqué content everywhere from movies to the internet’ are some of the arguments put...

Views on Zomato outdoor and the MC-BC controversy


An outdoor campaign created by Zomato was in the spotlight last week. In my view, the campaign was brilliant as it had several good things going for it (a) it passed the first test of any advertising – to get noticed (b) the creative execution was largely based on popular culture references and brought a smile (c) they were best suited for a fleeting medium like outdoor – snappy...

The Indigo Airlines incident: a few observations


Many have written about the recent incident involving Indigo Airlines from the POV of public relations and brand imagery. A good read on how the brand should have responded is here and a good podcast on the brand’s image is here. Here are my observations on the incident: Discipline and courtesy in public space Indians are not known to be polite in public places. We don’t follow rules...

The bane of brands: pressure of ‘always on’ content marketing


The rise of social media has given birth to a new phenomenon in marketing: the urge to be present across all platforms in some form or the other, throughout the year. This has resulted in an artificial pressure to be present in ‘media’ (and I use it within quotes to connote every platform where a brand places its message) virtually 365 days of the year. And that’s not a good thing. 

Brands and festive greetings in social media


Greeting friends and relatives on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals, is an expected social behaviour. Of late, such greetings are done through messaging platforms or through social media. So the personal touch of a phone call or a hand written note or a card has anyway disappeared. The greetings are ‘templatised’, mechanical and mostly treated as a chore or formality...

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