Advertising in the time of COVID-19


There’s a lot more to marketing than just advertising. Pricing, product portfolio strategy, segmentation, packaging, distribution and more as intrinsic to marketing as advertising. But thanks to media attention many equate marketing to be just about planning and implementing ad campaigns. As Mark Ritson points out in this brilliant article, says: Marketers have been gradually but...

Consistency vs change: the eternal struggle in marketing & advertising


In 2016, consulting company R3 Worldwide carried a report on ‘40 client-agency relationships that have stood the test of time‘. While the average length of the top 40 relationships was a commendable 22 years, the benchmark was 3.2 years. It would be interesting to see if there have been any major changes four years hence and know of the average client-agency tenure today. One can...

People don’t care about advertising, but that’s only half the story


A couple of recent articles caught my eye: one saying that the general public care a toss about advertising and then a rebuttal. Both these got me thinking if the advertising profession worries far too much about its output and impact on society. Undoubtedly, advertising plays a critical role in commerce – brands are built and employment generated with advertising as an important catalyst...

Brand Custodian: CEO, employees or the customer?


In 1962, ad legend Bill Bernbach of DDB requested something extraordinary from his client, Avis. He wished they would run whatever advertising the agency recommended.  Avis was up against the big spending market leader, Hertz; so they were open to backing bold ideas in order to win in the marketplace. In that context, Robert Townsend, the CEO of Avis agreed to this proposal. Later he went on...

Of advertising awards and entry submissions


At the outset, a disclaimer: I am not a veteran of judging creative award shows. I have not reached a stage in my career where I have ever been invited by major award shows to be a jury member. Of late, a few award shows have invited to be a part of their online jury where one is asked to rate award submissions on a few parameters. Based on this limited experience and general observations over...

10 top creative ads of the week: @mumbaimirror, #TheBigBillionDays, @sandyhook and more


I have been blogging for over 10 years now. Some of the posts have been about my views on trends in the the world of advertising & marketing. Over the last few years I have tried to post a compilation of clutter-breaking creative ads every week. Here’s a collection of ads which caught my eye the week ending September 20, 219: Mumbai Mirror: Power of Print Last week, the city newspaper...

English ads ke headlines Hindi mein kyon hai?


The practice of creating print ads with a Hindi headline or baseline written in English script is now common in Indian advertising. What gives? Aisa kyon hai? Here are a few conjectures and thoughts on this and related issues in advertising: India: a market of many markets Creating pan-India appeal in advertising is a daunting challenge for brands. There are several elements to a marketing mix...

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