3 examples of branded apps done right: useful, relevant, repeat value


Many brands have jumped into the mobile app brand wagon only to face app discovery issues, low download counts and lack of repeat usage. Should brands or services invest in a bespoke mobile app? As I mentioned in an earlier article, a brand needs to evaluate whether it can add value in one of the key ‘mobile moments’: bored now, urgent now and repetitive now. However, not all consumer...

B2B Content Marketing has a ‘cry wolf’ problem


Consider the facts: 78% of CMOs think custom content is the future of marketing; 82 percent of B2C marketers and 95 percent of B2B enterprise marketers use content marketing. The numbers aren’t surprising given the content explosion we see around us. The C word has entered common parlance of all marketers and agencies. B2B marketers, especially have taken to content marketing in some form. The...

Will the ‘consumer is in charge’ baloney stop?


I was watching a segment of a TV show on marketing & advertising and heard a global leader of a well-known digital specialist agency say something like ‘…because the consumers is in charge’ (implying brands aren’t). Sigh. Catch-all phrases such as this and the other all-time favourite ‘brands having conversations with consumers have not gone out of fashion six...

W+K creates interactive Instagram game for @oldspice


Came across this innovative new campaign on Instagram for Old Spice. We’ve seen brands conducive to great visuals (food, travel, fashion) place great looking visuals on Instagram. Here’s a campaign which not only places impactful visuals but cleverly uses the tagging function of Instagram. In the first image below, there are two accounts tagged; clicking on any one leads to another...

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