Twitter for CEOs: a personal branding opportunity (but slippery when wet)


Over the last few years many CEOs of business enterprises have used social media (especially Twitter) as a platform for what has come to be known as ‘personal branding’. Sure, a few of them were ‘brands’ (in a positive way) long before social media came into the picture. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have offered them a stage to share their ideas, company updates, work and values. Their...

Brands and festive greetings in social media


Greeting friends and relatives on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals, is an expected social behaviour. Of late, such greetings are done through messaging platforms or through social media. So the personal touch of a phone call or a hand written note or a card has anyway disappeared. The greetings are ‘templatised’, mechanical and mostly treated as a chore or formality...

Nike #breaking2, M&S #SpendItWell and more: creative ideas of the week


Every day we are exposed to thousands of commercial messages from brands both in traditional and new media. Most of such messaging goes unnoticed with only a handful catching our attention. Here are a few which caught my eye this week: Nike’s Breaking 2, Marks & Spencer’s #SpendItWell and a few more. 1. Nike: Breaking 2 Nike has set the bar high when it comes to marketing and...

Twitter hashtags: cooked up pulse


The list of trending hashtags on Twitter is meant to be reflect what the Twitterati (or the world at large) is talking about. Very often events which create a buzz in real life are reflected on Twitter too: live sports or entertainment events, natural disasters, big political events come to mind. So when we see trends of such on Twitter it seems natural, real and a true reflection of what is...

Twitter and its contradictory emotions


Despite posting a 48% year-on-year growth to $710 million revenue in Q4 (Oct-Dec’15) Twitter got a lot of flak in media recently. The reason: a flat MAU overall and a negative growth if one excludes SMS users. Many have written about Twitter’s core problem and offered suggestions in product improvement (good reads here, here and here). Most of them have identified these common issues: – a...

Twitter for customer service: look before you leap


Quick. What is the best way to get a brand’s attention? Tweet something nasty about their product or service. This is what many of us believe for a variety of reasons: (a) it is true that when brands are publicly embarrassed, especially by ‘influencers’ they are shamed and feel the need to get into damage control mode (b) cribbing is natural Twitter behaviour; the platform seems...

Of celebrities and official handles on Twitter


Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter account has been set up finally. I say ‘set up’ because to me (going by the two tweets thus far) it seems to be a medium to broadcast his activities, views (maybe). Nothing wrong in that – several politicians, national leaders and other celebrities are known to have a social media team who tweet on their behalf. Many Twitter folks commented on the handle (@OfficeofRG)...

Twitter campaigns from brands: thoughts on the new ‘trend’


Of late, several Indian brands have created campaigns specifically on Twitter. An interesting aspect about it is such campaigns are finding favour from big, mainstream brands who traditionally rely largely on mass media for advertising. Social Media platforms like Twitter continue to find favour among media and retail brands for whom there is a natural fit. Also, Twitter campaigns have become the...

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