Of Mickey Mouse clouds and logos

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The imaginary world of kids includes spotting animal shapes in clouds (‘look ma, a bear’!). All that may change soon. A US-based company is offering creation of brand logos, called Flogos, in the form of clouds. Yes, clouds. The attempt is to create anything from the Mickey Mouse head to any brand logo, as a floating 4-feet wide cloud up in the sky. Visitors to Disneyland may well have fun under the benign watch of a Mickey Mouse cloud! These clouds are actually a mixture of soap-based foams and lighter-than-air gases such as helium.

Is there sanctity in anything? The next time you are lying on the beaches of Goa, soaking in the view, wondering about where the horizon ends, gushing about the wonderful colours of the evening sun, marveling about the majesty of nature…imagine the logo of an underwear brand gently floating by as a cloud. Cool.

Commercial messages are all pervasive today. Everything is an advertising medium – be it an airline boarding pass or an elevator in a shopping mall. What next? Nature, of course (‘look ma, a Sony Ericsson tree’!). So we may soon see Nokia mountains and Pepsi waterfalls. Welcome to advertising.

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  1. What can I say? Splendid! Outdoor and ambient media is my favourite…
    Sure it kills the natural beauty of everything…but i am in advertising…what i should be saying is…”why didnt i think of it?” So next time we are brainstorming on 360 ideas…i’ll say…lets include clouds too…

    Now that’s one helluva silver lining!

  2. Indumaalini Reply

    As Ogden Nash said – with great foresight:
    I do not think I’ll ever see,
    A billboard lovely as a tree,
    Indeed unless the billboards fall,
    I’ll never see a tree at all.

    On second thot – if it’s a Sony Ericsson tree…i vote to keep the billboards.

  3. Indu – thanks. That was poignant.
    John – are you serious? Where will this stop? What if someone figures out a way to plant microchips in birds so that they could chirp jingles?! Imagine waking up to some cheery songbird outside your window – singing the Nirma tune. Scary.

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