BBC’s World Cup ad, Ikea “Sömnig” and more: 10 smart creative ads of the week

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This week’s pick of creative ideas include a mammoth idea – beyond just a TV commercial from BBC for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup, a creative print ad for IKEA and more.

1. BBC: 2018 FIFA World Cup

When it comes to creating buzz around a sporting event, especially one which is a recurring event, television broadcasters look for a fresh new theme every time. Usually the theme manifests itself into a television commercial and few other on-ground events. In this context, comes a truly mammoth idea from BBC to mark their coverage of the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia. The TVC dramatises the iconic moments from the tournament’s history in an animated fashion but that’s not the big idea. Every single frame of the commercial has been individually embroidered. More than 227,000 metres of thread were used to create over 600 unique frames of tapestry and the effect is stunning. The idea will also be converted into a real 7-metre long tapestry that will be put on public display – to keep alive the idea for posterity as it were.

Agency: BBC Sport/BBC Creative. Via. See the making of the film here. Read more about it here.

2. Ikea “Sömnig”: the sleepiest print ad

Recently, IKEA created buzz around a print ad which doubled up a pregnancy test. Such initiatives create a buzz around the brand globally beyond just triggering sales locally. It helps to imbue coolness quotient into the brand and augment its perception of being a creative brand. In that context comes this inventive print ad for IKEA’s sleep range in Dubai. The print ad is detachable from the magazine and doubles up as a stand that emits white noise frequency which facilitates sleep. The ad was printed using lavender infused ink and includes port which emanates a scent which is known to help relax muscles and lower heart rate.

Agency: MEMAC Ogilvy, Dubai

3. Apple France: Réalisé avec

According to The Stable, ‘when Apple is challenged by the competition, it tends to show its might’. I tend to agree with that but will only add that Apple effectively gets the consumer to ‘feel the benefit rather than simply listing out the features. Instead of claiming that it has a great camera, the ads showcase images which make the viewer evoke that response. In the ‘Shot with iPhone’ series, Apple France has released these videos that show all that can be done on an iPhone, including its various image effects.

4. Adam & Eve: Sympathy For The Grumps

An adult toy retailer in the US has managed to create an an which is not filled with innuendo and need not be labelled NSFW. Grumpy folks reveal the real reason why they are grumpy in charming musical.

Agency: Party Land

5. Macy’s: find the remarkable you

Sometimes the execution is the dominant reason which creates affinity towards an ad and improves its repeat-value, not so much the central idea. The film is for the summer collection where the sun magically turns people’s winter outfits into a vibrant summer outfit. Loved the seamless transition and the production values.

Agency: BBDO, New York

6. J-B Weld: Don’t Toss it

There are some characters in movies & ads which call for the right casting. In this ad for a super glue brand, Nick Offerman is the perfect choice to play a gent who shames his neighbours when they toss out an old furniture instead of repairing it with J-B Weld.

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

7. Whiskas: The Curious Cat Book

It is said that ideas are nothing without execution. In advertising too the ability to pull off an idea with aplomb makes a real difference especially when the idea is solid and relevant to the brand. Whiskas, the cat food brand, has created a picture book ‘written for cats’ – filled with elements cats can play with.

Whiskas The Curious Cat book

I loved it for its meticulous execution and the seriousness of the initiative: there is an audiobook which is available on Spotify, Apple and Amazon.

Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil

8. Bwin: Who stole the cup?

Online betting brand Bwin is also upping the marketing game around the upcoming football World Cup. In a lavishly produced ad, the brand asks, ‘Who stole the cup?’ and portrays some leading names from the game – each of whom are suspects. Viewers are urged to make their choice at the portal. Fun idea which goes well with the category and brand.

Agency: BBH Sport

9. UK print ads

The craft of print advertising, which includes an idea and charming execution – be it in the form of compelling writing, photography or art direction is a rarity nowadays. UK is perhaps the one market where print ads are still well executed. Here are a couple of examples:

Iceland pledges to stop using palm oil as an ingredient in its own label foods by the end of the year.
Tesco Mobile tells it as it is, when it comes to family time.

10. Channel 4: Handmaid’s Tale

Emmy and BAFTA winning TV series The Handmaid’s Tale is hugely popular. According to Wikipedia, it ‘explores themes of women in subjugation to misogyny in a patriarchal society and the various means by which these women attempt to gain individualism and independence’. A recent campaign by Channel 4 in UK brought alive the idea through outdoor and print ad wraps in dailies.

A newspaper wrap around in the UK

Agency: Channel 4 creative team

11. Spotify: Love what you love

The outdoor campaigns of Spotify have created a lot of buzz over the last two years as they showcased the varied interests of their subscribers as showcased through their playlists. A new set of outdoor ads continue to showcase this idea.

A new TVC also dramatises how shared tastes in music can bring unlikely of people together.

Update: National Geographic magazine’s cover of its June 2018 issue was stunning in terms of concept and execution.

12. National Geographic: June 2018 cover

The next issue of National Geogrpahic focuses on the dangers of plastic and the cover dramatised it through a simple, yet ‘deep’ image.

Incidentally, a print ad from 2010 for Surfrider Foundation had a similar visual idea.

Agency: Y&R

Which one was your favourite? Comment in.

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