Brand Tags: a unique experiment

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We’ve all heard definitions of a brand. The one that sticks in my head is: a collection of images & perceptions in people’s head. Harish Bijoor refers to a brand, simply as ‘a thought’. In an interesting experiment to gauge people’s perceptions towards brands, tech marketer Noah Brier has launched Brand Tags. It is an experiment in what is being called crowdsourcing.

Visitors to the site are shown a brand logo. You are then asked to type in the very first thing that comes to your mind about it. It could be single word or a phrase. The result is quite addictive. The responses range from inane to interesting. Apple, for example evoked responses including: annoying, appearance, arrogant, overrated, overpriced, love-hate, steve jobs is an asshole.  For Rolls Royce, the words entered included: butler & Jeeves!

Would be interesting if such an exercise is done for Indian brands. How about a mini-experiment right now?

What is the first thing that pops into your head? (A word or phrase please . . . there are no wrong answers).

Airtel, Reliance Mobile, Vodafone, Titan, Nokia, Hyundai Santro, Times of India, Peter England, Arrow

Do comment.

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  1. Have come across crowdsourcing before, but this is very intersting.. here goes… annoying, papa ka sapna, pug, class, cool, bald, slimes of india, cheap, style….
    with your permisson, shall i tag myself and make a list of my own?

  2. Airtel, Reliance Mobile, Vodafone, Titan, Nokia, Hyundai Santro, Times of India, Peter England, Arrow

    frustration, tries too hard, kill the pug, chic, saturday, smooth, arrogant, yesterday, urban chic

  3. Airtel – AR Rehman; Reliance Mobile – Cheat; Vodafone – Pug; Titan – Indian; Nokia – Rugged; Hyundai Santro – I Hate this car!; Times of India – Me, Myself and Me!; Peter England – Classy; Arrow – Perfection

  4. My thoughts in the order of the brands :

    a) Airtel: confusing
    a) Reliance- Fight between the bros
    c) Vodafone: ‘ vadas”
    d) Titan- Aamir Khan
    e) Santro- scared- ( wife’ car)
    f) TOI- Good because I get more money ( end of month when I sell old paper, more weight !)
    e) Nokia- good range
    f) Peter England- Emergency purchase when no money
    g) Arrow– ‘ Not one more” , it is getting confusing

  5. Airtel – emotional overload
    Reliance Mobile – Anil Ambani
    Vodafone – Red
    Titan – Classy
    Nokia – Music
    Hyundai Santro – Shahrukh
    Times of India – Gossip
    Peter England – Cheap
    Arrow – Class

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