Pepsi plucks the fruit out of Tropicana

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Along with the efforts on re-branding Pepsi, another brand from the Pepsi stable has gone through a change of identity. Brand New reports that Tropicana has gone through the blender too. The current pack is here:


The new packaging has done away with the mnemonic of ‘fruit with a straw’.


I thought the old packaging was unique and ‘ownable’ by Tropicana. The new one looks nice but seems quite generic. The differentiation between the variants (no pulp to high pulp) is only in the form of text. Like with most logo changes, I guess we too will get used to this. Any thoughts on the new packaging?

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  1. I think this new packaging is a just-in-time answer to a challenge imposed by Saint Juice from Parle Agro, which took me by surprise in the supermarket recently. It’s not merely packaging wars. Tropicana has to prove that it’s in the same niche as Saint, which is going around town claiming that “most brands don’t communicate clearly whether they are nectar, 85-per cent juice or 100-per cent pure juice.”

  2. hi Mahesh, the new Tropicana packaging was from the US markets. I think they are driven by poor growth numbers in carbonated drinks and a push towards health brands from Pepsi. Nevertheless, the Saint branding effort is interesting…

  3. Wow…Tropicana is really destroying its brand. I just went shopping for OJ, and actually ended up buying private label. I couldn’t find the orange with a straw in it that I’m used to seeing and buying, so I just bought the orange juice that was on sale. I thought the store stopped carrying Tropicana…I didn’t realize until I went back that they changed their packaging. Are they trying to look like a store private label brand??

  4. Christopher Perry, Graphic Designer Reply

    This is a bit late – but just had to comment. I actually like the new design and I still love Tropicana Orange Juice! The actual color of “orange” is softer than as viewed in monitor. The change triggers a “smooth, creamy-like-creamsicle, tropical-rich-nutrient” feel/emotion to me. To most I have talked to however…think the change somehow is linked directly to bottom line…someone knows….until then drink up…

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