Living with the iPod Touch

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I got an iPod Touch this week and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Being an Apple fan for years now, it was natural for me to be excited about using it. I also had an inkling of the experience since I have been reading about it. But oh boy, the first-hand experience is simply awesome.

The one thing that it totally redefines is the web-surfing experience. I have used the Nokia’s and Sony Ericsson’s of the world, but they are no match for the sheer joy of seeing the websites as they are on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

alt text

iPod Touch

I have not used the HTC Touch, but I doubt if the experience will be better or even similar. In the iPod Touch it is a pleasure to even view sites like New York Times which are rich in text & graphic. And the pinch & expand feature is jaw-droppingly cool. Can a normal mobile phone give you the kind of screen real estate, reader friendliness and drool factor like in the pic above? No wonder that the iPhone has a browser share of close to 0.1% of the world’s browser shares! Given the limited number of countires it is present in so far, that is fantastic. It simply makes you addictive to the web and all the rich media it has to offer. From a mere text tapping device for SMS, this has made the mobile device truly mobile.

I also loved the Web Apps feature – cool apps like Currency Converter and Feed Readers make the browsing experience even better. The cover flow feature and the accelerometer (when vertical pics flip horizontally when you flip the iPod Touch) never fail to evoke the ‘oohs and aahs’.

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  1. The phone’s lovely but it’s pure evil. It has super powers that take over your life till you’re left staring at its screen 24*7.

    My boyfriend has pimped his to use it as a remote for his TV and PC. *God save his soul!*

  2. True! Apart from the music, photos and browsing I suddenly find the urge to (and great joy in) updating weather conditions in Charlotte, NC (where my bro lives), updating stock data of stocks I don’t own, checking maps of places I have been to or want to…

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