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Fly You Fools - An Indian Webcomic about life and it's Irritations
Fly You Fools – An Indian Webcomic about Life.

Came across this interesting webcomic from India. Humour is a niche topic for blogs and this guy seems to have it in him to make us all laugh – mostly at ourselves. Check it out.

I love comic strips and cartoons. I used to love the cartoons at The New Yorker (Leo Cullum being my favourite). And of course, MAD magazine, Asterix, Tintin, Commando Comics, Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes. The one that I used to literally die for, was Lucky Luke. The cartoon of Lucky Luke being ‘faster than his own shadow’ on the back cover of the comic is still fresh in my mind. It went out of circulation for a while but is available now. I love editorial & political cartoons too, and this offers a great collection. I have old issues of TIME’s  year in review cartoons. 

Why do I love these? I guess the ability to convey a thousand messages – with just a few pithy words is fantastic. It is not just the brevity though, there are huge insights into human nature that is brought alive.

So here’s to more such Fly, you fools.



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