Teach India: another powerful idea

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I have to grudgingly admire the Times of India for creating the Teach India idea. I have been uncomfortable with the PR-giri that the group indulges. It could be promotion of their own group companies in TOI – nothing wrong with creating synergies between two properties, but most often they go overboard. And marketing initiatives bordering on gimmicks adds a touch of frivolousness to the brand.

Teach IndiaAnyway, the Lead India initiative is about TOI being the facilitator in bringing people who want to teach underprivileged children and NGOs. Essentially, if you have the desire to teach, they will put you in touch underprivileged who want to learn. Several NGOs and corporates have signed up as partners. Volunteers will be trained by the NGOs and have to commit 2-3 hours a day for teaching post that. The program lasts for 3 months and apparently TOI has already received over 10,000 volunteers.

I think this will have a far greater impact than Lead India (sorry, but one is forced to compare). I have always believed that educating the girl child is the only way to lessen the evils of society. This provides an opportunity for guys like me to commit 2-3 hours a day for a good cause. I am on.

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  1. The Lead India Campaign to me was an extreme failure.. did any of those ads – the kid moving the tree trunk make any indian change the way for the country ? No, i dont think it shook anyone from their seats to change things.. it was just a full fledged marketing gimmick for TOI.. maybe got them the TRPs for the Lead india show.. even that i am not sure of ‘coz the programme was so boring.. and eventually where have those lead india winners gone? who are they leading.. what are they changing and where are they changing?

    The Teach India campaign would probably work better considering its an optional choice and people who associate with NGO’s and want to do their bit in smaller ways.. this is an easier option for value addition to the society for people like will still be people who always do things in small ways.. i dont think it will convert non doers into doing anything for the kids..

  2. Tanaya, I am also among those who think that the Lead India was just a gimmick, packaged well as a ‘change-agent’ for India. I am also told that the Lead India winners have been asked to pipe down and stop making noise in mass media. And without TOI’s platform for visibility they would be nowhere. The approach to creating the communication for Lead India may not be a failure. On Teach India, I also believe that this has potential to ‘make a difference’ because you are asking individuals to make a ‘smaller effort’ compared to leading a nation. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Also how do i read your older articles besides the ones featured on your homepage?? there seems to be no link saying previous enteries..i am totally confused with this new layout.. i like it but it seems like thats all that there is..

  4. The single post views in this theme do not have links to previous posts. I find it irritating too. I guess from the home page you can access Archives or Calendar.

  5. It is wonderful to see so many contributing to teach the unpriviledged. I too would like to offer my services as I spent some of my time as an National Service Coordinator in college and would like to continue making my contribution in my retirement.

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