iTunes India Store: now open!

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I had whined earlier about India not having an iTunes Store. To my total surprise today, I read here that India store just opened. It’s been around for a good 2 days and I didn’t know about it?! Sheesh, how did I miss the news?

FoxAnyway, as of now only the App Store contents are available at the store. I upgraded my iPod Touch software to the latest version (cost me $10). The upgrade process was simple and glitch free. The upgrade software was 200MB in size and thanks to BSNL’s hiccups, stalled once. The software backed up my earlier iPod content, reinstalled the software and when it came back on, my iPod had all the earlier content intact! I am not big on gaming and so keen on trying out the New York Times app, which I read about. There are other cool apps too, including this one from Fox News, where you can submit ‘your news’ to Fox.

Imagine the depth & width of content that is possible in the India iTunes Store – given our myriad languages, genres and tastes. Apart from the film music in several languages, there are Indipop albums, old film music, bhajans, classical music, Podcasts from Universities, talk shows…the possibilities are mind boggling. Wonder what strategy Apple adopts for music distribution in India. Given that piracy is rampant and that music is freely available on the radio, will India take to buying music online?

Now that the iTunes India Store is open, can the iPhone be far behind?

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