Joy of Tech shows PC users how to save even more money

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Microsoft recently touched a chord among both PC and Mac users with their ‘shopping for a laptop’ ad featuring ‘Lauren’. She claims she was not ‘cool enough for Mac’ since they didn’t make 17-inch laptops under $1000. She settles for a HP laptop, mocking Apple consumers and potential consumers on the high price they pay. Joy of Tech in its inimitable style, shows PC users how else they could save money and what would happen if the money-saving binge is carried on to other categories.

Tips to save money

Grocery Acerbic stuff – geeks and Mac fanboys will have a good laugh, but the average PC user will continue to evaluate a computer brand based on price. True?

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  1. he he! as a devoted apple user, i have to say – in your face PC!!!

  2. Except, not. She implied that mac users, like yourself, are snobby and elitist. If you actually watch the video, it’s very apparent that she looks down on mac users and her “not cool enough” comment was said facetiously.

    So yeah, you just proved the point, in YOUR face, mac user. Keep believing your lowest-bidder internal parts are high quality worth paying extra for (tip: your Mac’s motherboard is made by Foxconn, which, in the “PC” world, is the lowest quality large-scale manufacturer out there).

  3. MD, it’s not about motherboards and components. It’s about hardware and key software working together (like in Apple’s case) to deliver a better user experience. It is not necessary that a higher priced product should be poor value. If it delivers a superior quality, why not?

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