Putting your skills to better use: Career Junction

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This seems like a variation of ‘Caught in the wrong job?’ question of Monster. The execution is interesting and you do hear comments like ‘Hey you should have been an artist’ to someone totally unconnected with art in his profession. I particularly liked the grocery list execution. But is this route strong enough to motivate someone to think of a job change?

The rest of the ads are here. Other possible execution: Brand Manger’s brief as an ad? Anything else?

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  1. Nice work but as you said, the brief was for an ad or a series of print ads and the brief was – “Caught in a wrong job?” 😉
    This campaign cannot shake/ surpass the TOMA of the HARI SADU ad of Naukri or Caught in a wrong job? campaign of Monster.
    This can surely make an entry in national/ International Ad festivals. Good art (Grocery List ad)…

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