Big TV: the DTH wars get big in India

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I had written about the making of the Big TV ad some time back. The reveal commercial is on air now. The proposition, arising out of the name is simply, ‘Think Big’. So we are told that whether its a mustache or voice, it matters only if you are Big. The TVC does justice to the proposition and is jaw-dropping in scale. It achieves just one thing: announce Big TV’s arrival.

As a potential customer for Big, I must say I am tempted to check out more about them – but not because of the TVC. The TVC does make you sit up and take notice of the brand – in an expensive manner. But then, hey, if you have money bags like Reliance behind you, the budget is never a problem. The antics in the TVC, war tanks toppling over, cars & buses flying are all guaranteed to make the TVC popular. But I couldn’t help get the feeling that this is all geared to almost brag ‘see what an expensive production this is’. Big budget films which showcase scale can have a jaw dropping effect and also touch you in some manner – make you laugh (Carlton – Its a big ad), bring a smile to your face (Stella Artois ads). This one perhaps stops short of simply saying, ‘Big TV is here’. What say?

On a related issue, as a potential customer for Big TV I have been tempted to check them out. No, not because of the ad but the pre-launch hype that surrounds it. And the fall in service of Tata Sky. I was among the early birds that signed on Tata Sky and was very impressed with the service. Of late, since they have added nearly 2mn subscribers I get a feeling that their backroom has not geared up for the scaling. Add to it the signals keep dropping when there are heavy rains.

Did the Big TV ad work for you? Are you thinking Big? Do comment.

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  1. I agree to the logic that big budget TVCs need not necessarily show off the big budget spent on. But according to me the BIG TV campaign convincingly communicates on how big/ large the launch is, how large the offering (in terms of number of channels) is. My wife asked me was that a trailer of an English movie!!! (of course before the ad could end). However, there is no sync what so ever between the TV campaign and the Radio campaign at least. The radio spots are mere humorous and no BIGness heard/ felt. And like you, i too am looking at BIG TV as my next buy, may be i will shift my Tata Sky to my home town… 😉

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