Teach India meets Pepsi

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Maybe this is not inspired by the Teach India initiative, but Pepsi is teaching India to learn…actually, not learn. Let me explain. The new TVC urges Indians not to fret too much if one fails in conventional class room studies. All you need is the thirst to learn more about things that interest you. As a proposition it is likely to strike a chord with the youth. The execution, thankfully, does not take the message too seriously – looking into ‘the opponents head’ gets the literal treatment.

I guess calling out the Pepsi guy in the beginning was a requirement to ‘improve branding’? Sreesanth’s antics is a nice touch. The ad is likely to hit home. Definitely better than the Ranbir-Deepika effort.

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  1. Every ad has an “inspiration moment” which carries forward the entire TVC being drab. In this TVC the moment to me is when Mr. Sreesanth (is he still playing cricket) comes into the frame and Dhoni casually mentions something to the effect that ” I have not been able to understand him”. Overall a decent ad- and definitley better than Deepika- Ranbir.

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