Nike #breaking2, M&S #SpendItWell and more: creative ideas of the week

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Every day we are exposed to thousands of commercial messages from brands both in traditional and new media. Most of such messaging goes unnoticed with only a handful catching our attention. Here are a few which caught my eye this week: Nike’s Breaking 2, Marks & Spencer’s #SpendItWell and a few more.

1. Nike: Breaking 2

Nike has set the bar high when it comes to marketing and usage of new media. The ‘Just Do It’ platform, chalkbot campaign, sponsorship of various sporting events, Nike Fuel are just a few examples. The brand did it again with Breaking 2 campaign – a challenge to run a marathon in under two hours. The race among three chosen athletes was held in a closed circuit in Monza, Italy on May 6, 2017. But the buzz was global as the event was live telecast on Twitter and Facebook.

Though the run will be supported by Nike in terms of pacers and hydration services, it is an attempt to make history. The reactions from the general public and media – mostly of awe, is proof of this marketing effort paying dividend.

Such ideas (and the flawless execution) go a long way in brightening the halo around the brand. It was also a great use of Twitter (which, as a platform seems ideal for brands who can pull of such live events)

2. Marks & Spencers: Spend It Well

The tagline ‘Spend It Well‘ struck a chord as I thought it resonates well with consumer outlook towards living it up. The segment which M&S is targeting is likely to believe in making the most of life seeking quality experiences. That is the insight behind families splurging on holidays, gadgets and fashion.

Agency: Valenstein & Fatt (the creative agency formerly known as Grey London)

3. UBS: Life in numbers

I loved the way numbers – from math exams, first salary, the price of engagement ring and the number plate in a car are subtly woven into a story about financial investments.

Agency: Publicis, London

4. Ambuja Cements: financial results

This print ad is a simple announcer of financial results of a cement company. How boring can that get? But I read every word of it as it was well crafted and clutter breaking. The ad highlights the company’s involvement in Asia’s longest bi-directional road tunnel which was recently completed in Jammu & Kashmir. Given that print advertising craft has almost vanished from Indian advertising, this was refreshing to see.

Agency: ANC

5. iPhone 7 Plus: The City

Apple’s ads have largely focused on the product and avoided wishy-washy lifestyle advertising. This one too focuses on the bokeh feature of the iPhone 7 Plus and dramatises how it brings the subject into focus.

6. Lysol: Protect like a mother

In a category known for product demos and computer graphics of germ kill action inside a toilet bowl, this is refreshingly different. It worked also because it is based on an insight – of how mothers are protective towards their children in certain situations. The animal metaphor brings a smile especially in the airport situation.

Agency: McCann

7. Volkswagen: America

Advertising for Volkswagen has been creating buzz for the brand, in a good way for decades. The emission scandal did create a dent in the brand’s reputation in 2015 (it cost them $2.8bn in criminal fines) but they seem to have come out of it. A new anthem campaign for the brand aims to make a fresh start in the US focusing on Volkswagen Atlas.

Agency: Deutsch, LA

I wonder if the ad would be as poignant if not for the apt choice of the soundtrack. I also liked the short cut aways capturing the moments of the road while focusing on the car’s features (although it is hard to believe that kids are actually looking out into the scenery instead of peering into their phones and tablets!).

See more spots here.

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