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Feel lousy about not being able to blog regularly. I have been traveling on some personal work to places which haven’t seen a mobile phone, forget the internet (Karkala, anyone?). And no access to decent broadband is a huge dampener. This is likely to continue for another week and then ‘I will be back’.

Apart from staying off the Internet, I haven’t watched much TV either. The longest I must’ve watched must be for 5 minutes in the last one week. Since I have been kinda roughing it out (traveling by bus – went on a ‘sleeper bus’ too – a novel experience for me), I haven’t had time to read either. Perhaps the good thing about all this is that apart from the itch to blog, I am not missing anything. But ‘webatitis‘ will strike soon.

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  1. Hats off to you for your guts to travel by bus on Bangalore – Mangalore route! I mean, that must have been a great adventure…
    I too am missing your posts these days and waiting for you to get back in to the online space.
    And yes, Karkala town will have all the mobile networks (by town i mean may be 5 km radius) and a couple of internet parlors too. 😉
    And i too have some memories attached to Karkala… i got married there! 😉

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