Microsoft-Seinfeld first ad: the conversation begins?

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The much-hyped ad campaign featuring Seinfeld is finally out. The first ad is an interaction between Bill Gates and Seinfeld in a…shoe store (yes, shoe store).

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It has some inane banter between Seinfeld and Gates before Seinfeld asks: “Are they ever gonna come up with something that’ll make our computers moist and chewy like cake so we can eat ’em while we’re working?”. Gates gives Seinfeld a subtle ass-shake, a la Mallika Sherawat to denote “yes.”

First reaction: head scratch. What is this about? Nothing that evokes hatred or instant love. Nowhere near the expected lines of poking fun at competition, defending Vista etc. Second reaction: this is a teaser and could lead to something big. It is aimed to attract the US mass market so I may not be ‘getting’ it, but I think it would be a mistake to dismiss it as senseless. By avoiding any direct mentions of Operating Systems and competing brands there is scope to take it to an engaging level. The tag line ‘The future is delicious’ suggests that they may go on to showcase new products from Microsoft and thereby evoking a reaction like ‘hey, that’s a cool company’.  

My gut reaction says that this could turn into something big and impactful. Let’s wait and watch.

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