McDonalds: spectacular lenticular

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Wonderful use of lenticular printing in this signage for McDonalds in New Zealand. Objective: convey that no matter how late it gets, you can grab a bite a McDonalds.


See a large size here. Agency: DDB New Zealand.

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  1. India has its first lenticular outdoor in my living memory (which isn’t too long). Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’s outdoor posters in music shops and other retail spaces are lenticular as well.

    Thanks for finding a term for it.

  2. One of the best lenticular work seen in my life is for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi standee which was placed in multiplex at Fame Adlabs in Mumbai (a life size 8 feet x 4 feet) and happened to see the same in another theater in Dubai. It was really great to know that it was done by an Indian Company Rays3d Motion Prints.

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