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IPL’s 2nd innings: not the son of Manoranjan ka baap


Sequel trouble again? Saw the promo for Indian Premier League 2009 on YouTube. Given the madness of the Manoranjan ka Baap idea, this was a tough act to follow. Does it match up? The idea of transcending borders is nice and is in line with the people’s reaction to IPL. It was great to see players who were erstwhile opponents, playing for the same team. The spot is competent, but the...

Obama’s simplicity of promise


Many have written about the marketing success and exemplary use of new media in Barrack Obama’s Presidential Campaign. All good. For me, the stand out was the simplicity and focus of the central message: change. The word was in every step of the campaign and was the one take out of the entire effort. The manifestation of it in ‘Yes we can’ was simple too. In fact, too simple by...

Columbia’s ambient idea


This surely is Cannes Gold material. As an ambient idea, you have to celebrate the creativity and craft involved. Outdoor gear brand Columbia and Prolam Y&R have created this billboard against the facade of a building in Chile. The headline reads, ‘The air cooling your home, is heating the world’ – the visual, juxtaposed with the real air-conditioning units of the building...

Happy Birthday, Mac!


It is the Mac’s 25th birthday today – it was on this day that the first Macintosh was released. As an AE, I have toyed around with the Mac which was in our agency Studio (back when Art guys only worked on Macs) and got around to buying my first Mac after I simply loved the looks of the Powerbook G3. This is perhaps the only brand that evokes in me (and millions of others) so much...

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