Happy Birthday, Mac!

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It is the Mac’s 25th birthday today – it was on this day that the first Macintosh was released. As an AE, I have toyed around with the Mac which was in our agency Studio (back when Art guys only worked on Macs) and got around to buying my first Mac after I simply loved the looks of the Powerbook G3.

This is perhaps the only brand that evokes in me (and millions of others) so much love, respect and admiration. I have been a Mac user for almost 11 years now and the affinity has only grown stronger. It’s a lot more ubiquitous now than when I used to own a Powerbook – what with iPods and iPhones being more visible. And over these years, everything to do with the brand has given me mostly joy. When I was a Mac newbie using OS9, I had a tough time figuring out the System Folders, extensions and so on. I also suffered hardware problems on the first Powerbook. But all of these are trivial compared to the sheer pleasure of being associated with the brand and using its products.

The iconic 1984 TVC ran a couple of days prior to launch during the Super Bowl. During the latter half of 1984, Apple took out inserts in Newsweek magazine.

Mac ad 1984-point.jpg

For me, this is another example of the planning & creativity that goes behind everything Apple. This was perhaps the first ‘up close & personal’ experience of a Macintosh for many This 16-page fold out in Newsweek and a 39-page advertisement in another issue of the same magazine took an educative stance. The tone & manner conveyed simplicity of use and the layouts established the famous Garamond font look of Apple. The company has come a long way since then, with it’s share of ups & downs, creating a cult of Mac lovers. Thank you, Mac and here’s to the next 25!

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