Why the iPhone is incomparable: Now Playing and other such

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OK, here’s one more attempt to convince the huddled masses about the superiority of the iPhone and why they should stop whining about what it doesn’t have and focus on what it has and why no other mobile phone comes anywhere close to it’s experience and why it’s not just another mobile phone and it’s not just an overpriced showpiece and it’s not poor value for money. Phew. Now that I have given a short intro, here’s the pitch. The iPhone applications enhance the mobile experience to a level unseen (at least by me) in other smart phones. I have tried the touch phones of competition – they feel more like ‘press’ phones. And the App Store make it a mobile phone experience beyond compare.

Take for instance, the Now Playing application. I thought it would be useful only in the US or UK. And since I was using it on my iPod Touch, I was surprised to find details of movies in Bangalore. You could sort the movies by title, theatre, ratings and distance. It also provides maps of theaters, movie synopsis, reviews and trailers. All this in a seamless, easy and elegant way.

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I can imagine how useful it can be if you are a movie buff and are blessed with a 3G network in your city. Sigh.

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  1. iPhone is superior any day. Ignorance is the only reason why people think its not for them. Had they got a clue to what it can do, they’d all line up for one. Cheers

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