Airtel Broadband service: not up to speed

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In April this year, Airtel made quite a splash on the web and TV about their Broadband Service. The Impatient Ones TVC must have cost a packet to produce and air. I filled in the online enquiry form and called the local number – not once, not twice but 4 times – to submit my enquiry. I also wanted a landline and gave in my details. All I got in return was an enquiry number. Nothing else. So a good 3 months later I make a call to Airtel about the land line. I was told that there was no ‘tag’ in my area of residence and they can neither supply a land line nor a broadband connection. I live in South Bangalore known for its middle & upper-middle income households, not in the boondocks. Well, I suspected that this was the reason for the silence but atleast hearing it from them first would have helped.


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So, here is a product whose demand and your ability to cater to the demand can be easily monitored on the internet. An IP-based, local online campaign could possibly generate leads in a cost effective manner, which could then be followed up through personalized communication. Instead, a carpet bombing approach which speaks to everyone, sets up expectations and doesn’t deliver on the promise. Can’t blame the call centre employee who took my call and told me matter-of-factly that there is no service in my area. Turning down one customer wouldn’t mean much to her. I can understand if it is an exclusive product where one doesn’t mind waiting for one’s turn. But can’t blame for getting impatient with the levels of service, eh?

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  1. anand raman Reply

    I live in South Bangalore as well and had similar issues. Wonder what south bangalore is starved for options. I will switch anyday from BSNL if there is a decent landline / broad band package available.


    • Suhel, I saw your post and Airtel’s reply. Sometimes, standard responses like the one from Airtel are even more irritating than no reply at all.

  2. This is not a problem with Airtel. Or their service. It is a problem with the agency.

    This is not the first time an agency has launched a TVC for a service that’s available only locally. I remember being baffled by the Citibank Metro Card being advertised through a TVC.
    Just a case of the AD being too enamored with his/her idea of a Requiem for a Dream inspired TVC.
    When will Indians learn. And perhaps mentioning the similarities in the treatment of the Reliance and Airtel TVC’s.

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